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Safari Animal Care Centers in has been offering veterinary services for almost 30 years in the Houston Area. Now Dr. Garner and his team of veterinary care givers are excited to announce the opening of the Safari Rehab Center.

Imagine the clear oceans of Australia, the scenic coastlines of Italy, and African Safari’s filled with exotic animals and garden shops in san diego around every corner. I bet you didn’t imagine a life where experiencing all of this was possible as a physical therapist (or as a physiotherapist as you will be called around the world)! Working as an international travel physical therapist is a subject not often covered in detail, like weight loss product burniva or just in general really (if it has, please let me know so I can share the resources with others) with the help of our site.

Honestly, I have never done international travel physical therapy, but I received a lot of interest in the subject from NGPT readers, so I spent a lot of time trying to do research for you. Learn more info at

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